Japanese-inspired rice bowls served fresh and made to order.

The Bonsai Bowl menu changes from time to time.

For our latest offerings, come visit our trailer at Texas Saké (The Yard, 440 St. Elmo Road, Austin, Texas).

Or check out our online ordering menu.


Seawood Salad (vegan)

sesame marinated seaweed with fresh radish

Crispy Rice Balls

ground shrimp & steamed rice, cream cheese, garlic & ginger, spicy mayo

House-made Pickles (gf + vegan)

ginger-tamari marinated cucumbers

Karaage Wings

Japanese-style super crispy chicken wings with ponzu, wasabi mayo, and fresh cucumber

Miso Soup

traditional miso soup with tofu, seaweed and green onion

Japanese-Inspired Rice Bowls

All bowls are served with steamed rice, marinated cucumbers, fresh daikon radish & carrots and topped with Furikake (a house-made, savory spice blend of roasted nori, sesame, garlic, sea salt, ginger and togarashi)

Katsu Pork Rice Bowl

panko crusted pork loin, tonkatsu sauce & wasabi mayo, poached egg

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl (gluten-free)

sake-soy marinated grilled chicken, house-made teriyaki sauce, broccoli & scallions

Ponzu Shrimp Rice Bowl (gluten-free)

grilled shrimp, citrus-soy sauce, seaweed salad, wasabi mayo, fresh avocado

Miso Mushroom Rice Bowl (gluten-free + vegan)

marinated shiitake mushrooms, broccoli and bok coy, scallion, sweet & spicy miso drizzle

Gochujang Steak Rice Bowl (gluten free)*

marinated grilled sirloin, shiitake mushrooms, crispy onions, spicy gochujang glaze

Yakitori Salmon Rice Bowl (gluten-free)*

ginger-miso marinated salmon with baby boy choy and grilled scallion

*Consuming raw or undercooked fish/meat/poultry increases the risk of food-born illness. Please let us know of any and all allergies.

Bonsai Bowl is a Japanese-inspired food trailer serving delicious rice bowls featuring high-quality meats, fish, and produce paired perfectly with steamed sushi rice and a variety of savory sauces and spice blends.

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